Specific training has to do with the time that is taken between the training of a specified body part say the quadriceps. The best thing to do in regard to specific training is to ensure that you give the individual muscle groups enough time to recuperate and by extension the whole body. For systematic resting it has to do with letting the body rest adequately by not training it on consecutive days. An effective way to adopt systematic relaxation is to train on two consecutive days and letting the body relax on the third. Make sure that each body muscle is trained every five to seven days.
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The Acai berry is found on a species of palm tree that grows in flood plains and swamps in the central and South America regions and has exceptional qualities as an antioxidant that are superior to most other berries. These Acai berries are harvested as fruit by the locals, but quickly deteriorate once they have been picked. As with all berries that have deep colors they are rich in polyphenols well known for their high properties as being antioxidant. Research has proven that the darker in color a berry is the more powerful is the antioxidant properties it can provide and the Acai berries are a dark purple and almost black in color giving you an indication of just how good it will be for your body.
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